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【けいおん!】ふわふわ時間 ベース演奏してみた

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Harmen Fraanje – Clemens van der Feen – Tristan Renfrow

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Since their first meeting in 2014, the Amsterdam-based trio has worked towards cultivating a distinct group dynamic by defining and fostering the qualities which come naturally to them regardless of historical dogma or current mainstreamism. Their music displays a bold irreverence for genre-boundaries as well as the borders between predetermination and improvisation, creating an environment in which trust, spontaneity, and sensitivity take precedence. The trio continues to push boundaries as they plan to record their debut album in 2017. 

Pianist Harmen Fraanje holds everything together, combines melody, minimalism, abstraction and improvisation in a heady flux.” – The Arts Desk

Clemens van der Feen makes you believe that playing the bass is the greatest need in life.” – Het Parool

Tristan Renfrow is a beautiful, bright drummer.” – Jazzism


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